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Parties and Fliers (2)

Category: Parties and Fliers

Yes, we love room parties and have designated party floors for this purpose. Room parties are the responsibility of those who reserve the room for this purpose, and we ask them to agree to abide by hotel policies and the laws of the state and country, especially when it comes to serving alcohol.

Room parties at Penguicon range from quiet “Stitch and B*tch” circles to full-on DJ’d dances and have themes as varied as you can imagine. Please contact our Hotel Liaison in order to ensure the room you reserve for your party is on the party floors.

Category: Parties and Fliers

If you’d like to post flyers (with permission) for Penguicon at your place of business, school, or other nerdy community, we’d like to thank you for thinking of us and helping to expand our community!  Please reach out to our ConChair for the latest flyer highlighting what our event has to offer.