This is where we will feature long-term partners such as the hotel, organizations that send representatives to Penguicon regularly, the folks that print the t-shirts, the folks that publish the program and souvenir books, who we buy our ConSuite stuff, etc.

Liberty Center One Liberty Center One is the data center hosting Penguicon’s web properties. They power, Penguicon.Social (Mastodon), and various other services we provide to our community.


Sched is the software/service we use to organize the convention’s schedule yearly. We have been long-time users and customers of the product, and Sched has implemented several of our suggestions in the past.

Redbubble Redbubble powers our online swag shop and provides us with excellent customer service. We’ve been very fortunate to partner with them over the years as they allow us to sell many different types of products with several designs. Their products are high quality, and we’ve been very happy with what we’ve purchased from them.