We are an all-volunteer, not-for-profit convention that brings together every kind of geek – software developers, moviemakers, authors and their fans, hackers, and foodies – for a weekend of sharing in panels, workshops, and parties. Dozens of people work on the convention throughout the year, for no more than a pat on the back as people come ‘home’ to Penguicon each year. Penguicon has helped people collaborate on new art projects, meet life-long friends, and change careers. If you’re familiar with Sci-Fi Conventions…Imagine all the convention features you know and love. Now add decent wi-fi, tracks involving DIY everything, soldering your own badge, open-source learning, programming, hacking your game consoles, nerdy cooking, Rock Band, and more.

Penguicon inspires people to make things, start businesses, and create art. Expect liquid nitrogen ice cream with exotic and adult flavors, and robots dancing in the lobby. If you’re familiar with the LINUX and FOSS communities…Think of a weekend-long Linux Users Group meeting with hundreds of other very curious geeks, nationally acclaimed guests, hotel room parties, debates about world-building and the practicality of ion drives, video games, and gaming tournaments, nerdy makers selling t-shirts and hardware, anime, costume contests, and free caffeine and snacks always available in the ConSuite.

Still not sure? Check out our video, “What is Penguicon?”, and come join us at one of our monthly social hours, which follow ConCom meetings. We’ll see you at Penguicon!