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Children (2)

Category: Children

No, Penguicon does not provide childcare or child-focused programming. You are responsible for your children at all times. Some attendees may trade off on child care, but the convention is not directly involved.

Category: Children

Penguicon is intended to be a convention for adults, and while we do not exclude children, we also do not provide programming tailored to them. Because Penguicon is a convention for adults, we do not charge a registration fee for children 12 and under, who should be supervised at all times.

If you plan on bringing your children, please know that we provide “After Dark” programming that is intended for adults only, typically scheduled for 9:00 PM and later. Additionally, attendees often choose to arrange room parties on the “noisy” floors of the hotel, many of which require you to be an adult to enter. Keep this in mind if you are thinking of letting your children roam the halls in the evenings.